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Free Light Software is a French company specialized in the natural language processing and translation by using the computer and internet power. We can not only translate your site to Japanese but also offer a free diagnostic tool for monitoring the website traffics to assure the worthiness of your investment. We are also the publisher of multimedia based educational materials such as Free Light Japanese and Free Light Arabic.

Euro-Japan dictionary forAndroid &iPhone &iPad

Euro-Japan dictionary for mobile devices is a Japanese dictionary which supports not only 7 major European languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Italian, but also 2 search modes: search through Internet or stand-alone. The latter is useful when the internet is not available or its connection is not free. The devices switche automatically between these 7 languages according to its default setting. Other language users should see only English version.

World Word Match forAndroid &iPhone

“World Word Match” is a multilingual word matching game. By clicking on a word or a picture, you have to find a matching pair or an opposite word. It should be an ideal tool for a foreign language learners, adults or children who want to learn an elementary vocabulary or to familiarize with foreign pronunciation. The languages included are English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

PM Abe and Zombi forAndroid &iPhone

How terrible! the Prime Minister Shinzô Abe defends a Japanese Castle against an attacking horde of zombies. Hold back the Zombies by shooting them!

Ace of Shidenkai forAndroid &iPhone

1945: As it becomes clear, that defeat is unavoidable, suddenly interceptor and fighter planes show themselves. Can you protect the Japanese cities and their civilians from the fire of the B29 defended by the American P38 Lightning and the F6F Hellcat, fighting on equal footing with the Japanese fighter planes? Their fate will depend on your abilities!

Seppukuman (Japanese Hangman) for Android

Seppukuman allows enriching your Japanese vocabulary with playing on an android phone. It consists to click on a Hiragana/Katakana (Japanese characters) panel to guess randomly generated words. It looks like Hangman in English but this uses a traditional Japanese Samurai’s execution method i.e. Seppuku (Harakiri). The last version can display 4 different translations (English, French, German or Spanish) according to your phone's default setting.

Japanese forum

If you have any questions on Japan or Japanese language, please post your messages there.
Old Japanese message board remains still accessible but you can no more post there, same for map of Japanese forum.

Japanese proxy service

Nowadays, many ads are geotargeted, i.e. a website displays different banners according to the country from where the connection will be originated. By passing through our proxy service, you can simulate a connection from Japan and consequently visualize full Japanese advertisements. We offer the same kind of service with British proxy server and American proxy server

Japanese translation service

If you need a quick Japanese translation of your English texts or web pages, please consult the url above (payment by online secured card system): it includes a free access to the English-Japanese website diagnostic tool to those who request to translate or optimize their web sites. You can also purchase a domain name which should fit to your business activities from our large domain name catalog.

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