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PM Abe and Zombi


How terrible! ShinzĂ´ Abe defends a Japanese Castle against an attacking horde of zombies. Hold back the Zombies by shooting them!

How to start the game?

start screen
Tap on the start button to begin the game. In order to change the game language, tap on the flag. The speaker icon controls sound on/off.

How to play the game?

playing screen
By taping on a hord of attacking zombis, you can fire over them to avoid nearing the castle. There, they begin to sap the wall and the red gauge at the top-left corner decreases gradually.

When the game ends?

end screen
When the gauge zeros, the game is over. Tap on the restart button to start again the game.

Where I can find this game?

Connecting to Google Play from a browser for Android version or launching Google Play from your android phone and search the app by typing keyword "Abe and Zombi". iPhone version is also available.

Minimum Configuration

Android version: 2.3 or later
iPhone version: 8.1 or later
Screen size: 480x800 pixels or larger
Last update: March 24, 2016 E-mail: hatsutane@gmail.com
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