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World Word Match


“World Word Match” is a multilingual word matching game. By clicking on a word or a picture, you have to find a matching pair or an opposite word. It should be an ideal tool for a foreign language learners, adults or children who want to learn an elementary vocabulary or to familiarize with foreign pronunciation. The languages included are English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

How to start the game?

start menu
Please choose one of the game modes in a list below the screen. By clicking on a flag at the left, you can pass from one language to another. A slider at the bottom-left corner allows controlling the time limit of the game.

How to play the first game?

first game
The goal of the first game is to find a matching pair between the picture of an object and its name. You can start clicking from any side.

How to play the second game?

second game
The goal of the second game is to find a pair of opposite words. You can start clicking from any side, as well.

How to play the third game?

third game
The goal of the third game is like the first game but the name is no more displayed. You should find a corresponding picture by hearing the voice from one of the speakers at the right side.

Where I can find this game?

Connecting to Google Play from a browser for Android version or launching Google Play from your android phone and search the app by typing keyword "World Word Match". iPhone version is also available.

Minimum Configuration

Android version: 4.1 or later
iPhone version: 10.3 or later
Screen size: 480x800 pixels or larger
Last update: September 21, 2018 E-mail: hatsutane@gmail.com
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