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Ace of Shidenkai


1945: As it becomes clear, that defeat is unavoidable, suddenly interceptor and fighter planes show themselves. Can you protect the Japanese cities and their civilians from the fire of the B29 defended by the american P38 Lightning and the F6F Hellcat, fighting on equal footing with the Japanese fighter planes? Their fate will depend on your abilities!

How to start the game?

start screen
Tap on the start button to begin the game. In order to change the game language, tap on the flag. The speaker icon controls sound on/off.

How to play the game?

playing screen
You should avoid enemy's fires by dranging your green plane (Shidenkai) on the screen with a finger while you continue to fire enemy's planes. When you are surrounded by too many enemy's planes, touch on "Bomb" at the bottom center to explode it. You have 3 bombs at your disposal.

When the game ends?

end screen
When you've been shot down three times, the game is over. Click on the main menu to restart the game.

Where I can find this game?

Connecting to Google Play from a browser for Android version or launching Google Play from your android phone and search the app by typing keyword "Shidenkai". iPhone version is also available.

Minimum Configuration

Android version: 2.3 or later
iPhone version: 6.1 or later
Screen size: 480x800 pixels or larger
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